One of the Smartest Things …

One of the smartest things we did post-retirement was to move into a new place.  This was not my idea, in fact, initially I was very opposed to the plan.  Ok, it was not really a plan, it was a spontaneous decision.  I do not do spontaneous.

My wife had told some realtor friends of ours that we would be interested in moving in 3-5 years into a townhouse in the same area where we had been living.  Being good realtors, they translated “years” into “months” and found us a place in 3 months!  My wife then went to look at it, liked it – no, loved it, and soon we were making a spontaneous move.  It turned out to be a good decision.  As I looked at the Facebook pictures this morning of the 26 people who were over for my mother-in-law’s surprise 80th birthday party, it would have been challenging to do that in our old house.  Don’t misunderstand, I still reached my social limit after 60 minutes, so some things do not change, but it is nice to be able to have a larger group of people over once in a blue moon.

BTW, the speech to the 400 donors went very well.  I am still getting feedback, which is very nice and again confirming to me that I am on the right path, post-retirement.  In some ways, I am still recovering from it, as speaking from the heart is a different matter than speaking from the brain.


A Boomer In Transition


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