Have you heard the saying . . .

That I don’t know when I had time to work?  Or, I sure missed a lot of life that happened when I was working?

This past week proved out both of these “sayings.”

I am not going to get into all the cabin clean-up work other than to say that I sure am glad I have a truck.  Ok, Chevrolet can use me in truck commercials if they put me on retainer.  And all the doubters who said “what do you need a truck for?” – hmmm – to haul stuff of course!

I am also not going to get into the hospitalization of my mother-in-law as that has already taken a lot of energy out of the family the past two weeks.  Instead I am going to focus on two big events with our kids – our daughter getting a new job and our son an apartment!

Our daughter stayed at the same company, but moved into a different group, that will be a great opportunity for her to use her natural gifts.  It was fun this week to be part of the process, and to pray and then cheer, when she got the offer!

Our son moved into an apartment near campus.  He follows in the time-honored tradition I suppose to live 2 years on campus and 2 years off campus and this week marked the start of the off-campus part.  Once again, my truck to the rescue oh you doubters, as we used it to haul his 7 foot couch to the apartment.  And then at the apartment, we carried it up stairs to the 3rd floor.  And then we carried a bunch more stuff.  Then we went to get a bed.  Again, the truck hauled it oh you doubters, and we carried that up to the 3rd floor.  All of this would have been challenging to do while working full time.

It was so fun to be able to be around to participate in the process and to share the joy firsthand!


A Boomer In Transition

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