My Seven Days Off Social Media

Whether retired or not, one can waste a lot of time on social media.  This is not a big revelation.  For me, social media was making me angry and frustrated.  Angry at the people who would post political views that they agreed with as if they were ordained by God and then in turn show no tolerance for those who had a different view.  Ironically, these in all cases were people who preached a tolerant ideology.  Frustrated when friends would try to set them straight backed up by facts, not appreciating that these same people do not care about facts.  I decided all of this was getting me down and making me too cynical, so I did a full retreat for several days.

It worked.

My devotions and quiet time got better.

My attitude healed.

I spent time reading again, for fun.

My workouts got better.

I don’t plan to bury my head in the sand and swear off the positive connectivity that social media can bring, but I will learn to disconnect sooner when I feel the emotions I described above.


A Boomer In Transition



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