Promotions in Retirement?

I did not expect to get any promotions in retirement, but for some reason they keep on coming.  My latest one involves a new title “Executive In Residence” at the local university where I teach and volunteer.  This promotion comes with no pay and no benefits.  In fact, my compensation will be held “flat” from my prior title of “volunteer.”  The pay is zero.  To be fair, I do get paid as an adjunct professor, but this new title is for the volunteer work I do for the University, which takes up about as much time as my teaching.

A couple of positive breakthroughs this week in my Executive In Residence role is more than enough “making a difference” compensation for me.  It is fun to be able to add value and to make a difference in retirement without getting paid for it.  The only challenge is keeping track of all my different business cards!


A Boomer In Transition/Executive In Residence

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