Sometimes you need a Nut Goodie

Amidst all the trajedy of this week with shootings and violence in our country.

Amidst the death of a young man just a few blocks from our house.

Amidst the growing divisions ideologically, morally, and racially in our country.

Amidst our 43 hour power outage.

I am reminded of simple things.  Being able to bond together with neighbors to move a downed tree blocking the road.  To be able to offer help and encouragement to neighbors going through medical challenges that don’t go away when the power is out or the country is in a state of unrest.  To be able to rely on God for peace and comfort in a world that increasingly seems to offer little of either.

To be able to celebrate my Dad’s birthday just a few days ago,  with a simple present like a case of Nut Goodies. To see the new community that my parents have in their new senior development.

i am not trying to be trite, the issues I started with are serious.  All I thought about the majority of the past two days are these serious issues, so I choose to end the week on simple things that were good.


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A Boomer In Transition and Inherited Nut Goodie Lover

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