When The Pace is Slow

I just completed my second 2300 mile solo road trip in the 18 months since I retired.  My “fastest” GPS route said it was 17 hours and 52 minutes, but that is if you stay strapped in the car  and make no stops whatsoever for gas, food, exercise and restroom breaks.  I did manage to average 41 mpg on this trip so I did not have to stop for too many gas fill-ups.  However, I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but I do not have my original bladder (actually it is possible I mentioned this once or twice before).  There are two primary factors requiring a non-original bladder(neobladder) to be emptied more frequently than an original bladder:  1) It is a little smaller than the original bladder (possible 75 – 100 cc’s smaller); and 2)In order for it to function properly, massive amounts of water must be consumed (on the order of 90-100 ounces per day minimum).

The GPS does not take these factors into consideration when going on a road trip.  Additionally, since I like Rest Areas, and obviously need them, I nary pass one by without stopping.  I always like to look at the map and see the “You Are Here” pin to give me comfort that I am in fact somewhere, so this adds a little time to the journey.  The GPS also does not take into account creative marketing.  Near the exit signs for Lewisburg, West Virginia was a cool sign announcing that in 2011 Lewisburg was awarded “The Coolest Small City in America” distinction.  So I exited to see this cool city and followed numerous signs to the Visitor Center.  The directions wound me all over the city such that I never really did figure out what was so cool about it.  The GPS does not account for this.

The GPS is “smart” now and does account for road construction, accidents, and traffic delays of many types factoring this into the time to destination.  However, in nearly every case, the delays were substantially longer than predicted making me wonder if the satellites have never driven before.  In any event, I estimate that the total trip is really about 22 hours each way (Minneapolis to Virginia).

I am grateful to be to make the decision to journey at a slower pace.


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