Where Did Summer Go?

Tomorrow is August.  In 29 days, I will have 27 new students to teach.  The anticipation of going back for the third semester of my young teaching career has been on my mind the last several days.

I have for the third time now, re-worked my syllabus.  In the syllabus are some new topics, some new guest speakers, a new playlist for labs, and a different order to the material.  I am also starting slower.  Determined to get to know the students better, early on.  I printed a listing of the students in my class with their photo and information such as their majors and hometowns and have been praying over this new group.  They deserve my best and I am determined to give it.

This semester I am also formally doing academic advising for about 50 students.  This will be in addition to my student mentoring activities.  In fact, I will be participating in training for new academic advisors in just a couple of weeks.  The plan is for me to not teach in the Spring, but to focus on academic advising and mentoring.  This is in spite of a 4.7 teaching rating, which I think is the rough equivalent to a 4.9 if I were a Uber driver.  But mentoring is my passion.

No more sleeping in until 4:45 am on “school” days!


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