Car Fever

I have had new car fever for about 2 months now.  The fever seems to get very high for a few days, then cools off for a couple of days, only to come right back.

Since I retired, I have given at least half a dozen financial literacy/financial budgeting type classes, and one of the concepts I always discuss is “needs vs wants.”

Do I “need” a new car? No.  Do I “want” a new car? Yes.

Do we always follow our own advice? No.

It is important in retirement to keep some financial flexibility so that one can succumb to various fevers now and then, such as new car fever, without the retirement plan becoming derailed.

Will this new car change my life? No.  Will I miss my truck? Yes.

Who thinks I am going to buy a new car anyway?


A Boomer In Transition (with new car fever)

4 thoughts on “Car Fever

  1. Yes, there’s no doubt in my mind that Dean Junkan’s thrifty vehicle acquisition and drive it till it dies usage program over the decades have earned you nothing but new cars going forward!

    PS – here’s one for your students (Bethel and Financial Peace) . . .

    Q: What’s the most expensive perfume in the world?
    A: The smell of a new car!

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