God Prepares Us for New Assignments

This seems to happen more frequently to me than in the past, or maybe I am just more in tune and aware, but I see the connections now between past experiences and new assignments in my life.  This past week was a good example.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am doing academic advising this semester in addition to my teaching duties.  Early this past week, I got an urgent email from a student who was not signed up for any classes for the semester starting in less than three weeks.  We exchanged emails, I talked to him on the phone, and then it became apparent that we needed to get together face to face to figure this out.  If this would have happened several years ago, I would have been angry with this student for not getting this taken care of sooner and frankly I would have wondered if the student was even worth my time.  Because of experiences of the past couple of years, I was able to be firm, yet compassionate and get him signed up for a reasonably good schedule given the lateness of the effort.  More importantly, I was able to give him advice and a path forward to give him an opportunity to be successful this coming semester.

I am sure that this will be just the beginning of a semester of investing in this student.  Thankfully, I have seen enough short term returns for investing in young people to help me be motivated to keep investing for the long run.

As I sit in the quiet of the early morning, I am thankful that God prepares us for new assignments and challenges and allows us to use those experiences to help make a difference in whatever we are called to do.


A Boomer In Transition

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