The Importance of Ending Well

One of the benefits of ending your career well is the continuation of relationships with work colleagues.  The Gallup organization calls this “having a best friend at work” and scores it as a very critical factor in your work engagement.

I think this can also be true for your retirement engagement.  I have seen so many people “hang on” too long before they retire, whether it be in sports, in business, in education, in politics, and many other endeavors.  When they finally retire, the welcome back mat is also retired.  They had to be dragged out, nudged out, or bought out to get them to leave.

This was not the case for me and I believe it has allowed me to continue strong relationships with many former work colleagues.  Just in the past two weeks, I connected with about two dozen people I used to work with on three separate trips to the office.  This past week I had dinner with my former boss, friend and colleague in from San Francisco.  I also had breakfast with one of the two people who replaced me (did I mention it took two people to replace me?).  Both reconnections with these friends from work were enjoyable and uplifting and a blessing even now in this new chapter of my life.

I believe Gallup has it right, and even more reason to end well and stay connected with friends from work as you transition from one chapter to the next.


A Boomer In Transition

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