Teaching Well

I may be biased, but two weeks into the semester, I feel like my teaching is the best it has ever been.  This is my third semester teaching and I still feel like I am the one being taught.  One lesson that is front and center for me this semester as I make adjustments to my approach is to “tell less and show more.”  In other words, less lecture and more hands on.  To be fair, I started with what I thought was a lot of hands on experiential learning, but now it is probably 25% more so.  It seems to be working.

Ironically I am teaching the best I have after making the decision not to teach after this semester and J-Term.  In this second act called retirement I have managed to get myself very heavily scheduled.  In some respects that is good, at least I am not bored or wasting a lot of time simply entertaining myself.  The German in me won’t let that happen.  My desire to make a difference with my time won’t let that happen.  But with teaching I am pinned down from a scheduling perspective a little more than I want.  This does not allow me as much flexibility to help people in the moment.  I have also learned after three semesters what I like and what I love.  I like teaching, but I don’t love it.  I love mentoring.  I love strategy.  I love making things happen.  So my retirement “pivot” after this semester and J-Term will be to spend nearly as much time time on campus mentoring, connecting students to the business world, connecting business to campus, and helping the department on strategic initiatives via my “Executive In Residence” role.  The difference here is that I will have more control of my calendar and focus on the things I love doing.


A Boomer In Transition