New Years Resolutions

I have three New Years Resolutions:

  1. Get back to daily journaling.  Over the last several years, this has helped me keep focused and my devotions feel more tangible when I write down my thoughts and prayers.  For various reasons, this daily activity has fallen by the wayside the past several months.  If I can be anything, it is disciplined, so this is coming back!
  2. Spiritual and Physical refreshment.  I have been in the wilderness spiritually the last several months and in the last couple of weeks, I have been making an early start on this resolution by just trying to find some roads to travel on.  For me, just getting back to some good habits is the start to recovery in this area and it is already helping.  On physical refreshment, I am going to focus on nutrition and on fitness.  I would give myself a “B” for fitness and a “D+” for nutrition.  A lot of my workouts lately have been dialed in.  By this, I mean, I went to the gym and left wondering why I bothered.  I am going to start doing more classes, which will cause me to up my game if for no other reason than pride.  As for nutrition, I just gave up.  This will change.  Right after the 1st of the year, my daughter and I will go on a 4 week “No pop, no chocolate, no chips, no ice cream” plan.  I realize that these are the four basic food groups, so I suppose I will need to find something else to eat.
  3. Get rid of negative influences.  This morning, I made a positive step on this resolution by permanently deleting my Facebook account.  I don’t waste huge amounts of time on Facebook like some people, but I have let some of the posts and comments affect my attitude.  Sometimes, I feel like I can teach the unteachable and get into an argument or post counterpoints, but this almost always has zero impact, except on me.  I seem to have to continually relearn that ideologies are often not grounded in fact and mountains of data will not change anything.

I anticipate that January will be a time of reset for me in these and other areas and I look forward to the journey and the outcome!


A Boomer In Transition