The Best Decision in 2017

Ok, so it’s only the 6th day of 2017, but so far my best decision in the new year has been to dump my FB account.  I am not picking on FB, as it can be an effective way to share what is going on in your life, but it can also be habit forming and a source of too much negativity creeping into your life.  At least that was true for me, and I don’t miss it one bit!

So far so good on nutrition and exercise.  No pop or chocolate so far in 2017.  And I upped my workout intensity when training on my own.  In a book I have been reading (and I have already read two in 2017), there is an interesting observation that many elite athletes listen to just one song and repeat, repeat, repeat the song throughout the workout.  Apparently it helps them get in a “zone.”  I have been trying this and there is something to it.

I have been reading articles recently about positivity and gratitude.  One I just read this morning talked about focusing less on “me” and more on others.  There are numerous articles that can easily be found online on this topic and most have this common theme of “focusing on or helping others.”  There is something to this as well.  For example, yesterday, I talked to two people I have been mentoring through the early days of their cancer journey’s, one who is post-surgery and recovering at home and another who is at the hospital this morning getting prepped for surgery.  In both cases, I felt like I could be an encourager (not a natural gift of mine) and help with tangible guidance.  Nothing else I did yesterday made me feel as positive or grateful as these interactions.

One last point.  I do not mind the cold, but this morning was very cold!  Minus 9 degrees without the windchill and the dog was limping around and crying after just 30 seconds outside.  This morning I am grateful for a warm home!


A Boomer In Transition