What do you call vacation when retired?

So, a week ago, we spent some time in the Florida Keys.  We told everyone it is vacation, but I felt weird about saying that word. Do you use that word if you are retired? I asked several retirees if they used the word vacation and it seems to be the consensus, so I just need to get over it.  Plus, my wife is not retired, so it really was a vacation for her.

BTW, we had a great time and enjoyed the very chill pace of the Keys.  It was not hard to take upper 70’s weather either.  We did get a late start on our vacation since we got caught in another Delta computer outage and after several hours of making new friends at the airport we found out that our flight was actually cancelled.  We stood in a line for a couple more hours with our newfound friends and rebooked for the next day.  Since I have free time on my hands, I was able to convince Delta to give us a lot of miles and other freebies so essentially our flights were free.  On the way back, we had another delay as they could not find our plane at the airport.  They knew it was at the airport, and after switching our gate 3 times in about 15 minutes, they eventually found it.  Since this was vacation, and I no longer spend much time at the airport, I found it to be more amusing than frustrating.

Good article in the WSJ a few days ago about retirement.  I found it to be on point.  For example, they asked several retirees if they spend 80% of their pre-retirement annual spending now that they are in retirement.  The answer was a resounding “No.”  They spend the same, just on different things.  I believe this is true and that planners should use 100% when they do retirement planning, if not 105%.  Maybe that rule of thumb was ok when people retired at 65, sat in a recliner for 3 years and then died at 68, but it is clear that retirees now generally lead a much more active retirement and that includes actively spending money.

Time to walk to dog.


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  1. Haha! You got miles out of Delta! What else did you get?
    I would have done the same thing- negotiating for something extra! Makes me laugh. We both learned that skill very well😊

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