From Crisis to Clarity

This has been a tough winter.  It seems like I just get over one bug and I catch another one.  And yes, I had my flu shot, I wash my hands every third week, I take my vitamins, eat reasonably well, blah, blah, blah, blah.  Maybe I need to go back to work full time when it seemed like I rarely got sick?

Amidst this winter of illness, I also started to feel bored for the first time since I retired.  I had dropped teaching, which is very time-consuming if done right and I have been praying about what to fill that time with.  I have been forcing myself to practice patience and not just jump into something, which would be all too easy for me to do.

Then the phone started to ring.  It was Tuesday afternoon and I was getting ready to take my sister to the doctor when I get a phone call from a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.  I talked with this friend for about half an hour and agreed to pray and talk again in the next couple of days.  Then while, with my sister at the doctor, I got a call that my mom had a health episode that landed her in the Emergency Room.  I was about 75 miles away at the time, so I dropped off my sister, and headed to the hospital.  I ended up staying with my parents overnight and then driving back to guest lecture at two classes on Wednesday morning (I am not sure if it is advisable to teach two 70 minute classes back to back on 2 hours sleep).  Then I drove back to my parents and stayed with them until the health episode was resolved enough to allow them to be on their own.  By the time I got home on Wednesday night I was exhausted.  Then the phone rang again.  This time it was a newly diagnosed bladder cancer patient who was having surgery in two days and had several questions for me.  I talked to him for over a half an hour and then dropped into bed.

And this is only part of the story and part of the week.  I am writing all of this detail, because maybe this is how I am supposed to be filling my time – taking care of other people.  Then the phone rang again.  Now it was Thursday and I was offered a short term consulting engagement.  Had the previous two days not happened, I may have said “yes”.  I think this week was a reminder of what I am supposed to do.


A Boomer In Transition