Four year surgery anniversary

On April 8, 2013, after several months of chemo, I had surgery to remove my bladder and reconstruct a new one.  My daughter texted me this morning to see how I was feeling about it.  Honestly, I have not thought about it much this week..  I believe going from three month check-ups for the past three years to every six months this past year has taken it off the front burner for me.

I feel no emotions about this anniversary other than how it has impacted my relationships.  I don’t fear my scans.  I just set up my next check-up this past week for late June and I will not be nervous for the results because cancer was just the catalyst that changed a lot of things in my life.  When I talk about those changes, particularly relationships and giving back, that is when the emotions are ever-present and quick to be triggered.

Yes, I am grateful to be cancer-free and I am grateful that my new bladder actually works, but most importantly I feel blessed to have been able to walk away from a great job and career to follow God’s call for a new purpose in my life.


A Boomer In Transition