New Blessings & New Gear

Over the past few weeks, we found out that we would be grandparents and would welcome a daughter-in-law to our family!

We are excited about both developments! It is also interesting  how quickly we have adjusted  our thinking on what we will add to our plates (or not) over the next several months as we both want to be fully present for these significant changes in our family.

Yet, another good reason for my decision to retire nearly three years ago.

On the topic of retirement, no regrets exist.  In two days, it will be 5 years since I was diagnosed with cancer.  I have not forgotten what a powerful catalyst cancer was to change some priorities in my life.  What I have forgotten is that fear of cancer returning has over the past two years completely disappeared and holds no power over me.  I used to know the probability of cancer coming back at years 1, 2, 3, and 5, and now I don’t even remember those numbers.

Instead of cancer probabilities, I am starting to get familiar with the plethora of baby gear that is now “needed”  to be an active grandparent, most of which did not exist when we had our kids!


Dean (Grandpa)

A Boomer In Transition