When the Boomer Becomes a Grandpa

I became a grandparent 8 days ago and I have struggled with articulating my feelings about this new part of the journey.  I write a daily journal and for the past week I have sat in my early morning time with the journal open and the pen at the ready and yet could not write even one word about having a grandson.  This is how life-changing the experience has been so far!

My friends who have gone before me on the grandparent journey told me that there is nothing like being a grandparent and that I would love it!  The problem with the “nothing like it” comment is that it is really hard to explain.

I was on campus yesterday and talked to a more experienced grandparent and she immediately asked me (after asking to see pictures) “how does it feel to be a grandparent?”  My answer was a ear to ear smile, followed by “It’s hard to explain, I knew that I would love this grandson, but the love is so instantaneous, so complete and so deep, that it is kind of overwhelming.”  Her answer was an ear to ear to smile, followed by “Yes, that is it, you knew you would love them, but not this crazy instant love!”

If you are not a grandparent, this post probably seems very odd, if you are a grandparent you are probably smiling and know what I mean.  As I have pondered this question, my attempt at an explanation is this:  The difference between your own kids and the grandchild is that the parents have 9 months with child  before he or she is born.  They experience a completely different kind of journey leading up to the birth as the child get’s bigger, the many doctor appointments, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, feeling the kicks for the first time, hours and hours of talking to this new child and when the child is born, they already know him or her.  For the grandparents;  it’s more like “boom, here I am!”

I am grateful that the delivery went well, that the parents are doing well, and that my new grandson is perfect in every way!

Grandpa Dean


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