Speed of Life

This  morning I am struck by the speed of life.

Since the middle of April, I lost my Dad, gained a grandson,  gained another daughter (my son got married),  watched my daughter-in-law graduate from college and  get a job, my son graduate from college and  get a job, my daughter get promoted, my son-in=law graduate from grad school and get promoted, and my wife go back to college as part of her sabbatical.

Since the middle of April, I was declared cancer free (first appointment after 5 year mark is the official marker) and mentored my 100th cancer patient.

Since the middle of April, our dog turned 15 years old and became incontinent, lost his hearing and lost his desire for cheese, but gained a love of peanut butter.  He is now on anti-anxiety meds and so am I.

Since the middle of April I got a new job – watching my grandson on Monday’s (my wife is my tag team partner on this – I am early shift and she is late shift).  Because I am retired, I seem to find a way to see my grandson at least a couple of other times each week.  If not, I get too lonesome for him.  This is the best job I have had and probably ever will have.  Plus, we understand each other – this is an inside the family joke – even though he is not talking, I know what he is saying.

Grateful to be retired to be able to be all-in on this new stage of life and the increased speed.



A Boomer In Transition

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