If You Think It, Say It

Disclosure:  This title only refers to positive, uplifting comments!  The phrase “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing” is also good advice.

Too many times I have missed an opportunity to give positive feedback, give a compliment, or a pat on the back and the worst part is that I thought of doing so, but kept my mouth shut.  I don’t know why this is so hard to do.  I am very good at verbalizing critical comments, when I should keep my mouth shut.  I certainly have not been accused of having the gift of encouragement, so maybe I just don’t have this gift.

This past week I was at a funeral of a high school classmate’s mom and sitting two rows behind me was my high school agriculture teacher.  In my high school I could take agriculture every year as an elective (this was common in communities where agriculture is the primary industry) and I did in fact take it every year.  As a freshman in high school, I was very interested in the “business side of agriculture” and that was about half the coursework in the agriculture classes, the other half being topics like building feed-bunks, fixing tractors, welding and repairing farm equipment (not so interested).   Our agriculture teacher realized my passion for the business side right away and really encouraged me to dig deeper and go beyond the curriculum he was teaching.  He also realized that I had some leadership potential and given that I was shy and reserved, nudged me to go out of my comfort zone in this area and take on leadership opportunities in Future Farmers of America (FFA).

I believe this teacher I am describing had the biggest positive impact on me of any teacher I had in Kindergarten through Graduate school and I told him so after the funeral last week.  I thought it and I actually said and I believe the experience was positive for both of us as we both had moist eyes.  If you see a teacher that was impactful in your life, tell them, it will be incredibly meaningful to both of you!



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One thought on “If You Think It, Say It

  1. Great insight and self-reflection; a challenge for all of us to listen to that still small voice. For me, I struggle with the exact opposite: finding courage to speak tough words of truth— not wanting to cause pain, which might actually be necessary for the other person’s personal or professional growth. Thanks for inspiring us to stretch beyond our comfort zones!

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